Factory Style Wheels Factory Forged Series OEM Replica Wheels offer the ultimate one-piece design. Constructed using new flow forged technology for the best combination of strength and weight. These exclusive wheels are designed with high performance vehicles in mind. Our process allows for an outstandingly robust wheel that is much lighter than a traditional cast wheel while offering durability and strength that is unmatched. Each FSW Factory Forged Series Wheel is engineered to vehicle specifications and intended to be a direct replacement for most OEM Wheel Applications. Learn More

  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2502021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F250
  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2562021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F256
  • Pro Style 2020 FFS – F156Pro Style 2020 FFS – F156
  • Pro Style 2020 FFS – F158Pro Style 2020 FFS – F158
  • Pro Style 2020 FFS – F159Pro Style 2020 FFS – F159